Need some help taking the first (or next) step toward that thing you want to be, do, or have?

HOLY BATMAN, have I got the gift for you.

I've written a snappy little guide that summarizes three of the most common crappy belief systems that snag my clients—plus my ninja-level mindset-shift for each. Think of it as free coaching in the form of a PDF.

tea cup watercolor by Helen McLaughlin

My guide will shine a spotlight on your excuses and make them beg for mercy.

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Why might you care to download this super free guide?

Well, because in fewer than 20 minutes (a quick read!), I help you to identify and remedy those screwy beliefs that come between you and taking effective and consistent action toward your goal.

What happens after you get your copy of the guide?

In addition to the guide, you'll also get an occasional newsletter from me, the action-oriented life coach you want in your back pocket (really, though, I'd much prefer to sit on your shoulder—maybe we can work something out?). Inside the newsletter, I spill all kinds of failsafe tips, tricks, and mindset shifts for you to experiment with in your life; I share my personal wins, fails, and everything in-between; I give support, encouragement, and love; and I always write back. I also keep you looped in on my workshops, programs, products, or special (otherwise-unadvertised) offerings, so everyone wins.

Where else can you find support?

Hop over here to see if our small accountability mastermind, Action Oriented, is right for you. We'd love to have you.