Hello & welcome.

I'm Helen McLaughlin, a coach and a writer. A seeker and a doer. A mover and a shaker. A small steps enthusiast and the founder of Action Oriented.

I'm also a wonderer. Can't forget that one.

(A thinker. A marveler. Someone who is curious about something. In my case, however, 'something' is 'everything.')

My husband, Dana, and I spent two years living on the road together (one of those years was in a 34-foot motorhome!) and have only recently traded in our full-time nomadic status for homeownership in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our motley assortment of succulents now live on a windowsill in our kitchen, instead of in a basket in the backseat of our car. They're much happier.

As creative writer with an MFA and a penchant for conversation-oriented work, I'm a big believer that words create our world. I'm quick to notice folks' limiting Stories (those beliefs we have about the world and our place in it) and helping them to revise self-narratives that no longer work well, maybe weren't ever accurate, but were the best we had at the time.

I work with people who have an unrelenting commitment to themselves and are ready to dig deep to unlock that one distinction, that one shift, that alters everything for them. I want my clients to get what they really, really want...not that disappointing default future that's waiting for them if they don't change anything.

I write a weekly newsletter that centers around the topic of taking action. Interested, or know someone who might be? Wonderful. Here's what to do next:


I've been interviewed on my career changecreativity, the importance of living life on your own terms, the self-narratives we hold onto and the sometimes-necessary revisions of those self-narrativescuriosity as a foundation for living, and fostering wonder in the everyday. I've shared a smidge of writing advice, as well as three ways to invite more curiosity into a creative habit. I've tried my hand at haiku. When I'm really good, I keep up with my postcard goals. I'm an inveterate collector of serendipity, a magpie of both physical and digital delights.

Reach out and say hello through the social media accounts listed below, or, if you suspect you're a good fit for coaching with me, go ahead and check out my coaching offerings.