Like a good bra, I offer some serious support.


My angle is simple: I want to make my living helping as many women as possible. To that end, I've created a variety of ways for you to get the information and transformation you're seeking.

The Insiders

I send out a free, action-packed email every Tuesday to the folks on my list. If you're interested in receiving failsafe tips, tricks, and mindset shifts, and in learning how to transition from feeler to doer, you might want to sign up, too. Why do I call my email list The Insiders? Because these folks have opted to be the first to learn about my programs, workshops, products, and special offerings. They want to be on the inside, in the know. Simply put, they're my people. And you can be, too.


Action Oriented

Action Oriented is a free online community for small steps enthusiasts, big idea people, and folks who want to get good at finishing what they start. Do you want to take a stab at putting action first, to see if your motivation, energy, and readiness follow? If you're curious (and open to doing things differently), join us inside the group at any time of day, any day of the week. We're small, but mighty—and each of us is working toward something important.


Get It Done Day

Get It Done Day is a free virtual event that's held on the SECOND FRIDAY of every month. Get It Done Day is for anyone who struggles with procrastination—whether it's a work-related task, a personal project, or something that seems inane but needs doing (e.g. organizing an out-of-control closet). If you suspect you could benefit from some accountability, group camaraderie, and a designated time to finally complete That Which You've Avoided For Weeks, join us.

Are you craving more personalized support? Wonderful. Here's how I can help you:

Private Coaching, Single Session—$300 USD

Because a longer-term coaching package isn't necessarily a good fit—or even appropriate—for everyone, I offer single coaching sessions that run 90 minutes, at a flat rate of $300 USD per session. A single session is perfect for anyone who's seeking a perspective shift, solid resources and recommendations, a creative boost, or some brass tacks life or business strategy. In addition to your real-time experience of our coaching conversation, you'll also walk away with an audio (or video) recording of the high-impact session, to revisit whenever you'd like. And, provided we work well together, you're free to schedule as many single sessions as you'd like. Curious what past clients have to say about sessions with me? Right this way...


Private Coaching, Six-Month Intensive—$5,000 USD

At this time, my only package offering is a six-month intensive. A deep commitment, this coaching arrangement is for a highly motivated and tenacious individual who is also fun (I need to look forward to my calls with her), resourceful (she'll figure out how to get the $5k...and anything else she desires), and creative as hell (she's more than willing to think outside of boxes—in fact, it's her default setting). She has a Big Thing, something she knows she must create or do in her lifetime, and she's ready to pursue it at full tilt, with a change agent by her side (that's me). Because this offering involves a long-term coaching relationship, I require all who are interested to complete an application prior to purchase.

You want the commitment of private coaching with the camaraderie of group work? I've got just the thing:

Finishing School

Finishing School is an eight-week group coaching experience aimed at helping you to think better (I like to call it a 'school of thought') so you can do better. In live calls, we explore the mental blocks you have around finishing. Together, we tease out the tiny distinctions that can unlock whole new ways of approaching your to-do lists and your wildest dreams.

Still scrolling? Damn, you're committed.

And that's a really awesome thing. Commitment just so happens to be my favorite action because it's one of the earliest and most vitally important steps in the direction of pretty much everything that's good and worthwhile. Since you've come this far with me, how about I tell you a bit about my coaching (well, really, my life) philosophy?

Nothing external, at least.

Chances are, you've simply forgotten to bring your innate curiosity to the table (and you've been misusing your imagination to worry instead of create).

Curiosity is magic, because its success depends only on the act of seeking—and an openness to the findings.

Almost everything else in life is tied up in results. Striving. Arriving. Achieving. But, curiosity is more open-ended and easeful, and it allows plenty of room for digging deeper and playing with variables.

In a coaching conversation, a good many things can look wildly different if we use our inner-child eyes and ways of seeing. Questioning with a spirit of innocence and an eagerness for discovery usually reveals possibilities we hadn't considered before.

My coaching definitely isn't for everyone. But, if you're ready for transformation, let's talk.

Who you are

You are a person who is highly motivated, has probably already achieved a great deal, and is in hot pursuit of a Big Thing. Perhaps you struggle with beginning or feeling ready; perhaps you doubt your capability; perhaps you're a perfectionist and your exacting standards get in the way of taking first steps or next steps; perhaps you feel like a fraud, so you play small to avoid being found out; perhaps you don't trust that the vision you have for yourself is enough, or even possible.

No matter the specifics of your 'perhaps' story, you're looking for some help in going beyond self-imposed limitations—because, beneath those perceived limitations, you really do believe you're capable of that Big Thing. And you're definitely not okay with the default reality that's waiting for you—the one where you continue living exactly as you're living and you get no closer to achieving what you dream of achieving.

What you can expect

This largely depends on our specific arrangement—whether we're working together once or twice, or are committing to a half-year of deep coaching.

However, what remains the same session to session is this: I take a direct approach when coaching, which means ours probably won't be the kind of comfortable conversation you have with a friend. To be clear, I'm not here to be your friend; I'm here to challenge you and your belief systems about yourself.

I don't tiptoe around what's at stake (after all, this is your one shot at life) and I expect you won't either. Transformation is not for the faint of heart; it's a commitment that's equal parts difficult and rewarding, and the only way I can serve you in your transformation is if we both bring our full selves to every conversation we have together. For you, that means not letting fear get in the way of taking action and being open to doing things differently than you've done them before.

The first step of getting where you would like to be is accepting responsibility for yourself. The second step is being willing to be uncomfortable.