Like a good undergarment, I offer some serious support.

blue bra watercolor by Helen McLaughlin

My angle is simple:

I want to make my living helping folks realize their dreams. To that end, I've created a variety of ways for you to get the information and transformation you're seeking.

(Underwire optional.)

The Insiders

I send out an email note every Tuesday to the folks who've chosen to be on my list. If you're interested in my thoughts about a well-lived life, about time and priorities and how to be really present to both, and about navigating the transition from feeler to doer, you might want to sign up, too. Why do I call my email list The Insiders? Because these folks have opted to be the first to learn about my new blog posts, programs, workshops, products, and special offerings. They want to be on the inside, in the know. Simply put, they're my people. And you can be, too.

Get It Done Day

Get It Done Day is a free virtual event that's held on the SECOND FRIDAY of every month. Get It Done Day is for anyone who struggles with procrastination—whether it's a work-related task you've left for the eleventh hour, a personal project that brings up some fear, or something that seems inane but needs doing (e.g. organizing an out-of-control closet). If you suspect you could benefit from some accountability, group camaraderie, and a designated time to finally complete That Which You've Avoided For Weeks (Or Months), join us.

Are you craving more personalized support?

Wonderful. Here's how I can help you:

Action Oriented—$30 USD per month

Action Oriented is a spot-coaching service for folks who understand the power of commitment and of taking small steps, even when the going gets tough. All members have have one thing in common: a vision, an ambition, a project of some sort that they feel compelled to create in their lifetime—despite the fact that they don’t necessarily know how to create it. Members have access to me for spot-coaching during two 45-minute group calls every month. If you're curious (and, more importantly, if you're ready to bust through whatever’s in your way in order to get after your Big Thing), join us inside the group for as many months as you'd like.

One-On-One Get It Done Day—$250 USD

Craving some one-on-one direction, attention, and doses of laser coaching as you get your thing done over the course of a morning and afternoon? You can book a private Get It Done Day and have me all to yourself, following the same schedule as the public Get It Done Day. Any day of the week (not just Fridays), any Dreaded Task You've Avoided For Weeks (Or Months)—it's all fair game. And we'll have fun together! (Who says productivity has to be a drag!) When it comes to your unfinished project, only you know what it's worth to you to GET IT DONE, once and for all, and create that awesome feeling of accomplishment for yourself. Why work alone and battle procrastination, resistance, and a dearth of strategy in addition to slogging through your project...when you can hire me to (virtually) hold your hand and keep you on task? It's a no-brainer.

Private Coaching, Single Session—$300 USD

Because a longer-term coaching package isn't necessarily a good fit—or even appropriate—for everyone, I offer single coaching sessions that run 90 minutes, at a flat rate of $300 USD per session. A single session is perfect for anyone who's seeking a perspective shift, solid resources and recommendations, a creative boost, or some brass tacks life or business strategy. In addition to your real-time experience of our coaching conversation, you'll also walk away with an audio (or video—your choice) recording of the high-impact session, to revisit whenever you'd like. Provided we work well together, you're free to schedule as many single sessions as you'd like. Curious what past clients have to say about sessions with me? Right this way...

Private Coaching, Bookends—$600 USD/month

You know you'd benefit from regular, structured coaching support—the kind of rock-solid accountability and strategy that you simply can't get from a one-off session—but you're not looking to invest in six plus months of high-fee coaching. The Bookends option means you get two 90-minute private sessions with me per month, plus a couple extras:

  • a 15- to 30-minute check-in/pep talk between sessions, and

  • unlimited email support between sessions.

There is no requirement for how many months you purchase Bookends.

Private Coaching, Six-Month Intensive—$5,000 USD

At this time, my only package offering is a six-month intensive. A deep commitment, this coaching arrangement is for a highly motivated and tenacious individual who is also fun (I need to look forward to my calls with her), resourceful (she'll figure out how to get the $5k...and anything else she desires), and creative as hell (she's more than willing to think outside of boxes—in fact, it's her default setting). She has a Big, "Impossible" Thing, something she knows she must create or do in her lifetime, and she's ready to pursue it at full tilt, with a change agent by her side (that's me). Because this offering involves a long-term coaching relationship, I require all who are interested to complete an application, and participate in a single session, prior to purchase.