Oh, I'm so glad you've found me and something here resonates deeply.


When I connect with someone who's interested in coaching, before anything else, I love to find out what it is she wants (needs?) to create in her lifetime. I want to know what she envisions, and then I want to help her to envision even more for herself. As we expand her vision, we work together to shrink the size of the steps that will take her there.

lamp watercolor by Helen McLaughlin

Coaching is all about right fit. I want (need?) to be inspired by you and challenged by you, and you need to know you can trust me and count on me to help you get the results you're seeking.

Then, there's the money part. My Six-Month Intensive comes with a hefty price tag. It's equal parts filter for me...and value for you. I don't want to work with just anyone; I want to work with the committed, the discerning, the resourceful, and the creative. I want you to feel the discomfort of investing a big chunk of change in your own transformation...and I want you to channel that discomfort into showing up fully, boldly, courageously, in our work together.

If this doesn't absolutely turn you off, you might be in the exact right place. Go ahead and answer the ten questions below and then remember to purchase and book your Single Session, so we can get to exploring this Big, "Impossible" Thing of yours, together. I'm so very eager to get to know you.

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