What are Weekly Findings readers saying?

I love getting these notes from you; it's like being pen pals. No joke, I open each one and delight in your latest adventures on the road.

~ Paula Jenkins | paulajenkinsonline.com

OMG, I want to respond to you like every week! You really hit home for me with these emails!

~ Addie Martinaddiekmartin.me

[...] your honest sharing makes my journey more hopeful and I can see my progress as I relate to your story.

~ Donna Hopkins | donnamhopkins.com

Good god, I love reading your writing. It's like coming home, settling in with a cosy blanket, and being secure in the knowledge that you're going on a delicious journey. Please don't ever stop sharing it.

~ Stephanie Lisa Kelly | aquietrevolution.me

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I absolutely LOVE Weekly Findings.  I find myself looking forward to reading it each week. In a sense, you've managed to help me become even more aware and appreciative of the small (and big) pleasures that seem to appear (like magic) in my life each day because I'm now, more than ever, seeking them.

~Kim Valzaniaeatpraypost.com

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Oh, how I love these weekly updates and that they tend to arrive during my lunch hour. I am so glad to hear you're looking forward to more adventures so I can continue vicariously experiencing [them]! Your words are worth a thousand pictures to me.

~ Hannah King

Beautiful. So right. LOVE IT! Thank you for the inspiration.

~ Stephanie Ducharme | stephanieducharme.com

I love reading about your adventures and look forward to your writing every week!

~ Marguerite Armitage