Fall enrollment has closed for

Finishing School


Do you seem to move the same few items from one week’s to-do list to the following week’s?

Do you sometimes feel as though you’re an idea-generating machine, but lousy at turning those ideas into something tangible?

Even when you’re rocking your bullet journal, do you struggle to really feel ‘caught up’ because you know you haven’t completed a whole slew of things you started long ago?

Do you suspect your inability to finish things is what holds you back in life?

Do you have ideas that you know could change the world...if only you had the self-discipline to see them through to completion?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then Finishing School might be for you.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Finishing School is a group coaching experience focused on shifting your mindset, developing your skillset, and taking decisive action toward the thing you want to create.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Over the course of eight weeks, we’ll dive deeply into the mental blocks you have around finishing, as well as tease out the tiny distinctions that can unlock whole new ways of approaching your to-do lists and your wildest dreams.

Because there isn't a set curriculum for Finishing School (this isn't your typical school—thank goodness—it's more of a school of thought, aimed at helping you to think better), you won't find a bulleted What You Get list on this sales page.

What's more important to me is that you understand both my intentions and commitments for this truly unique and experiential group program.

So, without further ado!

Through Finishing School, my intentions are:

  • to help you to identify the contaminated thoughts you’re thinking and believing. You know, those insidious kernels that seem to be lodged in your brain and that block you around finishing what you start? Together, we'll dislodge them.
  • to coach you toward clarity. If we become what we think, we need to create more thoughts that support who and what we want to become. I can help you with this.
  • to create a safe space for you to have tremendous insight about yourself. For you to face your fears, to challenge those fears, and to move through those fears with decisive action. There's an un-pinpoint-able alchemy that happens in small groups; we're going to use this to great advantage to offer support to, and reflect back for, one another.
  • to play around with creating distinctions. A distinction is a tool—an interpretation or a story—that empowers us to see a situation differently. Distinctions help us to distinguish our world so that we can make different choices, choices that better serve us. I'll come to our group with eight powerful distinctions for us to discuss and explore, but we'll also create new ones, highly individualized ones, in our time together.
  • to impart a feeling of absolute capability. By the end of our eight weeks together, you'll have the confidence in your own ability to commit and follow through. You'll have learned a great deal about yourself—where you get blocked, why you get blocked there, and how best to navigate future blocks—and you'll have the added benefit of a sturdy skillset that you can apply throughout your life.


From Finishing School, you can anticipate:

  • participating in eight live calls* (one a week for eight weeks), using video conferencing service, Zoom—so that we can see each other and feel more connected than we would if we were speaking over the phone. In each of these live calls, I’ll be available for individual coaching in front of the group. I’ll begin each of the eight sessions by introducing a distinction for you to consider. We’ll then explore the distinction as it pertains to your struggles with finishing. Conversation will be earnest and heartfelt, and I think you’ll find that you have more in common with the group than you might’ve initially thought. Everyone benefits from witnessing live coaching, not just the person being coached.
  • membership in a community of no more than 15 lovely individuals. It’s very important to me that each member feels safe and connected throughout the eight weeks—after all, we’re exploring some tender stuff with each other! As such, I’ve capped the program at 15 enrollees and will be screening all applications to ensure we’re a compatible group.
  • receiving weekly ‘assignments’ that have to do with developing awareness, practicing mindfulness, and shifting thoughts and beliefs. In my mind, I’ve put air quotes around the word ‘assignments’ because—and this is important—there is nothing to finish, no homework to complete, in Finishing School. This program is about becoming, not about doing. It’s experiential, not informational. I’ll give you things to think about, to consider deeply, to try shifting. I won’t give you workbooks or additional tasks. Let’s face it, you’re here because you struggle with follow-through, with doing what you say you’re going to do—so, the very last thing you need is more of those requests from me. As I said before, Finishing School is not your typical school.
  • learning more about what’s behind your perfectionism, overwhelm, competing commitments, procrastination, doubt, lethargy, and resistance.
  • reliable support in a private Facebook group, where we’ll connect between calls. Additionally, I’d hold office hours in the group on Wednesdays and Fridays, so you’ll have access to me throughout the week. You won’t be alone; I’ll be with you every step of the way.


You’re not going to become a finisher just by turning up to this course. I won’t promise you this. In fact, I won’t promise you any results. Because this isn’t about me. It’s about YOU and how you need to show up in your life in order to fulfill who you’re meant to be and what you’re supposed to create in this world.

*Group calls will be held every Monday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. CDT/CST, beginning October 2nd and ending November 20th. Attendance is encouraged, though not required; recordings will be available.

Finishing School is not for everyone. To that end, the enrollment process will include a brief application. Please enroll only if:

  • you understand the power of commitment—commitment to yourself, to your vision, to the morale of a group, to learning, and to erring on the side of curiosity.
  • you won't allow fear to get in the way of taking action. To a large extent, fear is what's stopped you up until now; your enrolling in Finishing School means you're ready and willing to push through that fear.
  • you believe transformation is possible and you'll bring along a growth mindset (not a fixed mindset) over the course of these eight weeks.


What if Finishing School becomes yet another thing I don’t finish?

It won’t. While there’s no set ‘curriculum’ for this program, I’ll absolutely encourage you to read and review some of the very best books and videos I can recommend for the finishing mindset and skillset. Since awareness is a huge (huge!) part of successfully shifting thoughts, habits, and behaviors, I’ll also encourage you to raise your awareness through specific writing and meditation exercises. That being said, there’s nothing to finish in Finishing School.

Something to watch out for: If the idea of not finishing Finishing School is a true concern of yours, that’s a clue that you have some serious awareness strengthening to do. Pay close attention to the sneaky, insidious ways your mind will work to reinforce the limiting beliefs you already have about yourself. If you believe not finishing is a fundamental characteristic of who you are in the world—and, on some level, you’re looking to have that belief confirmed by ‘failing’ this program—you’ll likely avoid completing any of the awareness exercises that would serve you best. I’ll help you identify if and when this is happening for you.

What if I have a conflict or the time difference precludes my ability to attend the live calls?

All live calls will be recorded, and you’ll have 24/7 access to these recordings.

Of course, I’d love for everyone to be able to attend the calls live (it absolutely influences the kind of experience you’ll have of the Finishing School program), but I’m aware that’s not always possible. If you’re unable to make a call, there will be an opportunity to post any questions that might’ve surfaced for you in the previous week; I’ll be sure to address them on the call so that you can watch the recording at your own convenience and still reap the benefits of having your personal issue addressed.

I’m wary of sharing my personal issues with a group of people whom I don’t even know. Is there any guaranteed confidentiality?

If you’ve never participated in a group coaching program, this is a new and exciting experience for you! And your wariness is understandable. I can promise you that I’ll come to our Finishing School ‘classroom’ with the utmost respect and reverence for you and your story, and I’ll absolutely do my part to keep it confidential. Please also know: I’ll be accepting into the program only those folks who exhibit a comparable respect and reverence for group work, so this should greatly reduce, if not eliminate, any breaches of trust.

Will I get a refund if I don’t feel I’ve made any significant shifts or if I haven’t learned what I’d hoped to learn?

I’m interested in helping people who want to play full-out. I take commitment very seriously, and I view your enrollment in Finishing School as a commitment on your part. You’re in charge of how you show up to this program and what you get out of this program. I can make no guarantees or promises except for the ones about how I’ll show up to this program.

I’m a believer that great coaching relationships involve 200% responsibility. On my side, I promise to bring 100% of myself to Finishing School. I’ll hold nothing back. I’ll give you everything I’ve got in terms of powerful coaching, resources, and tools. I’ll give you my full presence and all of my attention.

On your side, I require you to bring 100% of yourself to Finishing School. Hold nothing back. Take action, regardless of your fear. Be vulnerable. Risk something. Lean into your edge. Fail! (And know that when you fail, you’re on the path to great success.)

Because we’re both responsible, refunds aren’t offered.

The fee for Finishing School is $299 USD.

Enrollment closes midnight CDT on Friday, September 29th, and class begins Monday, October 2nd!