Why 'flighty' and 'spacey' aren't all bad...

Every groundbreaking invention began as a MOONSHOT (‘moonshot’ deriving from the Apollo and Soviet lunar programs’ initiatives to land humans on the moon).

Someone musing, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if…?” and then getting to work on mapping out the early fragments of her vision just to see what, if anything, might be possible.

Not all of us have a specific, personal moonshot in mind.

Or we might call it something different—our ‘wildest dreams,’ perhaps.

Our ‘Big, “Impossible” Thing’ (that’s what I like to call it).

We might not even think of our idea as ‘big’; in fact, it might not be big, objectively.

It might be as small as a wish. But that’s irrelevant. And it certainly doesn’t make our dream any less important or worthwhile.

We humans are motivated by our desires. Generally speaking, we like having projects; we’re driven forward by our vision of WHAT COULD BE, and that brings meaning and purpose—oftentimes, even structure—to our days.

Whether you call it a ‘moonshot,’ your ‘wildest dreams,’ your ‘Big, “Impossible” Thing,’ a 'wish,' or none of the above, what’s your answer to the question, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if…?”

Leave a comment or email me. I’m so curious to know what’s in your mind’s eye.