Who are you to do this thing?!

You’ve got this wild idea. It’s big. It’s maybe even revolutionary. You have a strong feeling there’s a place for it in this world—and it has the potential to be truly awesome once you figure out how to get it off the ground.

In your darker, fearful moments, it seems farfetched and like you’re kidding yourself. You don’t know anyone who’s done anything like this, so not only do you lack a trustworthy precedent, but you start to wonder if you might also lack credentials. ‘Who am I to do this thing?’ plays on repeat in your mind.

There’s a few mental obstacles you keep encountering, and while a big part of you knows they’re just mindset things, a much smaller but somehow louder part of you insists there’s some legitimacy there; it insists there’s some hard facts about what’s possible for you and what isn’t.

If you could just get a handle on this teeter-totter between conviction and self-doubt once and for all, you’d know how to move forward; you’d know where you need to expand your thinking and where you need to enhance your skill set.

I can help you. I know what a janky mindset looks like (and how to remedy it) and I can spot the missing tools in your tool belt (and help you find the right resources for filling them) pretty swiftly.

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