Psst! What's a Big, "Impossible" Thing, anyway?

Wondering what the heck I mean when I refer to your Big, “Impossible” Thing? Before you go thinking you don’t have one (and you might not—no shame!—but there’s a chance you don’t even realize you have one), let me break it down a little.

What I mean by ‘big’ is this: It’s big to you. Perhaps no one in your life understands it or cares about it or even knows it’s something you dream about doing, having, or being. It’s not BIG because it’s flashy or because it’ll bring about world peace; it’s BIG because it feels like a crucial part of you and your life experience.

Examples: creating sustainable self-employment, writing a book, building an app, producing a show for Netflix, running a marathon, renovating a condo, raising a million dollars for your charity, becoming a school board member, buying an Airstream and traveling full-time, growing a vegetable garden in your backyard, locating your birth parents, planning a solo trip through Europe, setting up a stall at your local antique mall, coming off of hormonal birth control in advance of trying to start a family, asking for a promotion at work, etc.

What I mean by ‘impossible’ is this: You don’t yet have a clue as to how you’ll make it happen. It’s entirely uncharted territory for you. You know people do this thing—it’s not truly impossible in the sense that it absolutely cannot be done—but you can’t quite wrap your head around how it is you'll do it.

Some of the folks I work with don’t have a Big, “Impossible” Thing; instead, they have a series of Small, “Impossible” Things. A handful of smaller-scale pursuits that are unfamiliar and challenging in their own right. They might fall along a singular trajectory, or they might be scattered. (Some folks call this their ‘Bucket List,’ but that’s a little too end-of-life focused for me!)

Does this resonate? Are you realizing, maybe for the first time, that you’ve got a Big, “Impossible” Thing of your own—one that could use some defining and mapping out? Or perhaps your Bucket List continues to grow while few items are getting crossed off. I can help. Comment below, and we’ll work together to give you clarity and strategy.