What I want to create today

One of the better questions I've thought to ask myself is this:

What do I want to create today?


The fabulous thing about this question is that it gets right to the heart of the matter; it acknowledges the tremendous gift I have as a human being, both to imagine and to act upon my imagination. To dream up anything, and then to realize the thing I've dreamed up.

Today, right this moment, my answer is this:

Space to notice. As much joy and delight as is possible. Some comfort for myself and for another (or three...or a hundred; sharing some comfort during this time of year feels like a really urgent calling for me).

This was my answer last weekend, too, so I went about cooking up a small offering for you, which I'll tell you about in just a moment.

But first, I'd like to invite you to ask yourself what you want to create today.

Maybe an answer springs to mind immediately. You've been holding onto something in your mind, but you haven't seen it as a worthwhile thing to act upon. (Hint: It is. It always is.) The time doesn't feel quite right. (Hint: It never will. Don't let that stop you.) Still, you know what you want to make today.

Maybe nothing springs to mind. You feel the creative itch, but you've got no idea where or how to channel it.

Regardless of what comes up for you in response to this question, you might find some value in the creative action advent I've initiated on Instagram. We began on December 1st (and we'll continue on to the very end of the month), but you're free to join in at any time, for as much or as little participation as feels right for you.

What is it? I wrote a bit about it here...but for those of you who don't click (I see you ;-) here's the low-down:

I'm posting a daily creative assignment for you. They're tiny acts. The idea here is to make space for something new and somehow valuable to form (intangibly or physically) in a season that tends toward the frenetic and overcommitted.

Thirty-one creative overtures to anticipate (and celebrate!) the ending of one thing and the beginning of another.

Thirty-one creative investigations to discover, in real time, your tremendous ability to make something from nothing.

We're using our powers of agency and creation to play, see, pay attention, experiment, and make some magic before the year runs out. In short: We're having fun, out loud.

Okay, so, back to the offering I've cooked up for you:


What is it?

An illustrated compendium of fourteen ways I’m creating comfort and joy for myself in this season, to be delivered one page at a time via email, beginning December 14 and ending December 28.

What might it inspire in its recipients?

Feelings of peacefulness, calmness, warmth, joy, healing, merry-making, nostalgia

Why the name ‘Halcyon Days’?

It’s from Greek mythology. When Alcyone’s husband, Ceyx, died in a shipwreck, Alcyone threw herself into the sea; the gods transformed them both into halcyon birds (kingfishers). When Alcyone made her nest on the beach, waves threatened to destroy it. Her father, Aeolus (the master of the winds), restrained his winds and kept them calm during seven days in each year, so she could lay her eggs. Later, the seven days before the winter solstice, as well as the seven after, became known as the "halcyon days," when storms do not occur. Today, the term is used to denote a past period that is remembered for being happy, calm, and peaceful.

Who would enjoy Halcyon Days?

The curious (it’s a voyeuristic peek into my meditation on winter coziness!), the wonder-seekers, those who crave warmth and succor, inspiration enthusiasts and delight aficionados alike—and also, anyone who’s intrigued by the prospect of receiving fourteen opportunities for wintertime enchantment. If you enjoy my amateurish watercolor experiments, you’ll love Halcyon Days.

What is the cost?

$13 USD (my lucky number)

Open to receiving something a bit different? Akin to whimsical pages torn from my journal? Super. Follow the gold link below.

Cozy up to the ordinary magic of Halcyon Days

Last, but not least: The second Get It Done Day is this Friday, December 8th.

Do you have holiday cards you're meant to be addressing?

Have you not made the time to track down those cookie recipes for this year's baking extravaganza?

Are you in danger of going another month without sending out a newsletter to your email subscribers?

Does it sound like a really nice thing to simply devote three hours (divided up by brief check-ins, so that none of us gets lost in the too-much-unstructured-time phenomenon) to something you actually really want to do, but haven't made time for?

Join us. We've got your back—because it's infinitely more fun when we Get It Done together. Full event details (tl;dr: IT'S FREE and starts at 9:30 a.m. CST) and registration here.