Unhook from these three beliefs and you'll be action-oriented in no time!

Something I created during my hiatus from Weekly Findings was a 10-page guide for people who aren't doing the things they say they want to do.

I'm certain you know just what I mean by this.

Folks who want to get really good at meal-planning a week or two at a time instead of last-minute scrambling everyday at 5 p.m. Artists who want to launch that pop-up shop to sell their personal artwork. Family historians (i.e. moms) who want to finish editing those vacation photos from two years ago so that those keepsake books can get printed finally.

Dreams, tasks, ambitions, projects, would-like-to-do-somedays.

The purpose of the guide is to identify the three main beliefs many of us hold onto about why we can't yet take action—and then, in direct response to those beliefs, to provide three game-changing perspective shifts and pro tips for putting things into motion NOW.

I wrote it because these are the primary reasons my clients have given for why they don't already have what they want (that right there is a favorite coaching avenue—discovering why a perfectly capable someone hasn't already achieved what she says she wants to achieve)...and—surprise twist!—because these are the reasons I, myself, used to give when I was less than productive in getting after what I claimed to want.

So, all that's to say: It's an honest, won't-make-you-feel-bad guide to identifying and correcting the most prevalent fallacies that surface for all of us when it comes to taking action.

Also: It's my gift to you.

Since my intention is to inspire and help as many folks as I can to start taking action on a regular basis, I've created a Facebook group called Action Oriented; this group is for anyone who reads the guide and wants support in taking consistent steps toward a specific dream, desire, or project.

Here's where I tell you about a special offering from me:


The first 13 people to read the guide in its entirety and participate in the Action Oriented community (specific prompts are located within the guide) are eligible to receive a complimentary 60-minute coaching session with me. A coaching session is the perfect way to jumpstart your action-taking and make a plan to turn those individual actions into a beautiful thing known as momentum.

To get started, here's what you can do now:

Step 1: Download the free guide to taking action.

Step 2: Read the PDF in its entirety (it'll probably take you fewer than 20 minutes—a quick read!).

Step 3: Follow the links within the guide to the Action Oriented community and request membership.

Step 4: Contribute at least once to all three discussions.

Step 5: Await an email from me with details to schedule your complimentary coaching session!

One more thing: If, after reading the guide, you think of someone who you believe would also benefit from reading it, please direct her here, and she gets her own copy.

I can't wait to hear all about your success in taking action, inside the Action Oriented group. As always, feel free to reply to this email.