Your Jeopardy answer: Action and this are two sides of the same coin

For the better part of four months, I've been writing to you about taking action. About being a doer instead of a feeler. About prioritizing and getting it done, turning pro and finishing, pushing through procrastination and taking small steps.

Everything I've offered since July has come out of this action-oriented theme, because the topic's fascinating to me (obvs).

Another thing that's fascinating to me—but that's gotten far less airtime in my business—is creation.

Action and creation are two sides of the same coin.

When you take action, any action, you create a new reality for yourself. You bring into being another piece of your future. You contribute to the unfolding of your life with agency—by dreaming, committing, and doing. You empower yourself, put yourself in charge, take advantage of your will and desire. You make things happen. You make things exist that didn't exist before.

Several weeks ago, I began to feel that my professional marching orders seemed a bit flat. It was as though I realized suddenly that I'd been working on a drawing of a house instead of a model of a house. While I knew I wanted to keep inspiring and encouraging and coaching people to take specific actions in their lives (and my god, there's still heaps for me to share on this topic), some vital dimension was missing from my work.

I was craving an element of spark. Something expressive and quirky and full of possibility. FUN seemed crucial. Wonder was a no-brainer.

And though taking action is the stepping stone to all those things and more, the lexicon and logistics of it definitely leave a bit to be desired.

Thanks to the reflective abilities of my own coach and my glorious mastermind group, plus some serious research into archetypes, what I've realized lately is that I'm an alchemist and a creator. I facilitate personal transformation and I'm vibrating with creative energy. I'm a change-maker and an innovator.

As we move toward the end of one year and into the beginning of another, all I see are exciting opportunities to help you use your imagination in concert with your agency.

No doing for the sake of doing; no to-do list ticking. That stuff doesn't fascinate me (and who wants to pay a coach to strategize on the ho-hum, anyway?)

We'll look at doing as a means to becoming.

Think of me as your enthusiasm catalyst, your creative solutions architect, your joy detective, your permission slip. We're going to have a bunch of fun changing and creating, growing and manifesting, together.