So, it seems I wound up with two new homes...

Yup, you read that right.

One's a cute Craftsman (built in 1915!) on a corner lot in Appleton, Wisconsin, and the other's a cyber yurt with an address of

Both have been a long time coming and both are very much works in progress (believe me when I say I'm surrounded by literal and metaphorical boxes as we speak...).

Before I do anything, I want to welcome all the new subscribers who snuck in some time between the last issue of Weekly Findings and now: I'm glad you found me and I'm SO glad you've decided to become an Insider; finding my Right People is an ongoing process, and one of the first steps in that process is determining who wants to be in conversation with me (I see email as a kind of conversation, especially when you hit 'reply' and we get to chatting). If at any time the conversation stops being useful to you, please know you're always free to unsubscribe, no hard feelings.

Next, I want to give great big internet hugs to all my old faithfuls, those of you who've been with me since the beginning, or very nearly. I feel as though I owe you a bit of an explanation for the radio silence over here: Dana and I were dealt a personal tragedy back in February, which was the reason behind my shuttering Weekly Findings these past five months. One of our dearest friends died very unexpectedly and there was just no good way for me to address it here. Though grief has had its way with us, we are okay.

Fortunately, the break from Weekly Findings was fruitful. I reflected a ton, sought out new learning resources, coached and was coached, and created—content, art, conversations, and soon-to-be-shared-with-you offerings.

I also reached a decision that was previously eluding me for months on end: Weekly Findings has run its course.

Writing a casual, meandering newsletter was the hands-down best alternative (for me) to all the marketing mumbo-jumbo and 'best practices' that weren't resonating as I finished coaching school; it was exactly what I needed as I launched my business and embarked on a cross-country motorhome adventure with Dana; it was a natural way for me to talk to you regularly, to tell you what I think about and how I think about it, and to connect with many of you in one-on-one emails, in phone calls, and in actual, real-life meet-ups (I'm scheduling these as we speak! Wisconsin and other Midwestern peeps: Hit me up!).

But it's time to change gears. I have more to offer. I want to give in different ways. And I have tools in my toolbox that very much need to be out in the world, engaging in real-time application and improving your experience of life (because that's what I really feel called to do).

I'll be sharing those offerings with you in the coming months—but, in the meantime, here's what you can do now:

Step 1: Hit 'reply' and type "WOOT!"

I'm not kidding! Some email services are wildly protective and will immediately file me and all my missives into your Spam folder (or the godawful Promotions folder). If you "WOOT!" me, yours will know we actually want to be in touch with each other.

Step 2: Tell me who you are and name one unfinished thing in your life that you'd really like to finish.

If you'd rather not "WOOT!" me and instead, prefer to have a more substantial exchange—and especially if we've never emailed with one another before—go ahead and tell me a bit about yourself and the unfinished business you've been carrying around. I'm creating a completion program and want to maximize its helpfulness for you. This means your input is solid gold.

Look! I made it super easy for you: Click here to "WOOT!" or here to chat.

A heads up: I read and respond to every email I receive, so don't be shy about connecting. No VAs managing my inbox over here, just me. ;-) Hearing from you is a real treat, so please do say hello.

Keep your eye out for an email from me next week; I'll be sending you a free guide I created—Three Fallacies that Stand Between You and Taking Action (and How to Vanquish Each of Them Like a Pro)—that'll seriously shift your mindset and free you up to actually do the thing you say you want to do.

In the meantime, let your July be whatever it needs to be.