Time Tip #1

We can do anything, but we can’t do everything.

Remember, time is our most precious resource, and it’s non-renewable.

This means we have to choose. We have to figure out what our priorities are, what we’ll regret not doing in this lifetime, and do those things more than we work our to-do lists like diligent, little minions.

If your priority is to stay in touch, stay in touch. Pull out a notecard, take five minutes to write a thoughtful sentence, and drop it in the mail.

Do one thing today that gets you closer to what’s most important to you in this one life.

An important postscript:

Don’t immediately go into the headspace of, “Oh, I really should do that” (“that” being to write a note to someone you love); instead, try tuning in to find out if it’s even a priority of yours, something you want to make time for. If it is, great—add a recurring monthly appointment to your calendar for snail mail correspondence. If it’s not, great—give yourself the gift of two minutes to think about what might be a priority of yours that you haven’t made time for lately. THIS is how we live lives of meaning—by doing more of what’s important to us with the time we have here.