Three ways to ensure you're living your best life

1. Inquire within as to what the trendy directive “live your best life” even means. And more specifically, what it means to YOU. No sense keeping it a mystery to yourself; vagueness helps no one here.

2. Whenever you start the day uncertain—or, perhaps, despairing—about living this elusive best life, try asking yourself, “What feels like a good, conscious way for me to use my time TODAY?” Ground into the present (which is all that exists; that future best life you’re seeking doesn’t even exist—it’s just an image in your mind, a product of your imagination) and then slow the hell down. Which brings us to...

3. Try TAKING your time instead of MANAGING it. Once you’ve grounded yourself in the present and slowed the hell down, milk this moment on this day for all it’s worth. If you won’t get another today (and I promise you, you won’t—once today’s over and done with, it’s...well, over and done with), how do you need to operate within the sixteen or so waking hours you have? And I’m not talking about maximizing your productivity. I’m talking about answering for yourself questions such as: What matters most right now? Who matters most right now? How can I use my right-now moment within this one today to give and receive the maximum love, satisfaction, healing, creativity, comfort, change, etc.?

Does this resonate with you? If so, I’d love to hear what thoughts it stirs up. Comment below, and let’s jam.