The answer to your inaction lies in your guts

How can I figure out what's hanging me up from moving forward? How do I know if it's fear talking, or if I'm hesitating because I'm truly not ready/it isn't actually the right time to pursue the thing?

I love this question because it hints at something really important—something you might overlook when you see yourself sitting around, not taking a single step toward the thing you want, but trying to pep-talk your way onto the action train nevertheless.

This really important thing? This thing you might be overlooking?

It's your insides.

As in, what's going on inside of you.

Now, before I lose you in the woo-woo, let me share two questions you can ask yourself to get a sense of what's what—why you're not taking action and how to figure out if fear's dressed up in one of her tricky disguises or if you're legitimately not in the right place (or it's not the right time for you) to pursue your thing.

Is my inaction an issue of CLARITY?


Like a windshield smeared with engine grease, a lack of clarity can make forward movement downright impossible. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I clear on why I'm doing this?

  • Am I clear on whether or not I really want to do this?

  • Am I clear on what I want to get from this?

  • Am I clear on how to start?

  • Am I clear on what my next steps are?

If clarity's your issue, consider what it is you need to find out before you can expect yourself to take action. Also, who can help? What resources do you have at your disposal, and what's still missing? If you can identify some gaps of clarity, then you have a place to start.

Is my inaction an issue of CONFIDENCE?


At first pass, a lack of confidence might look and feel a lot like fear. But in my experience, a lack of confidence isn't an excuse for inaction so much as it's an indication of where your attention is needed first.

If confidence is really just a matter of believing in yourself—appreciating your ability, however natural or hard-earned it might be, to do something—then your first order of business is to figure out what abilities of yours need developing... and then to develop them, on your own or with help.

What now?


Well, congratulations! In taking the time to check in with yourself, to inquire after your own clarity and confidence, you've likely arrived at some new conclusions: You're missing clarity and need to turn inward to find it, or you're lacking confidence and need to turn outward to develop it. Either way, you've got your first action item figured out.

Was this week's question a question you've wondered? Did the clarity/confidence inquiry I suggested shed any light on the reasons for your own inaction? Hit 'reply' and share with me.