This is your very first step

I can share with you all the best tips for approaching your Big, “Impossible” Thing. I can help you figure out what your first small step is—or, if you’ve already begun (go, you!), I can help you figure out your next small step. I can work with you to create an effective and consistent roadmap for going after and getting the thing you want.

But what I can’t give you is your WHY. WHY you’re driven to pursue your Big, “Impossible” Thing in the first place. The deep need or desire that’s at its core. Only you feel that in your heart, and only you can communicate it to the world.

If you’re not so sure you know your WHY, that right there’s your first step.

Before roadmapping or logo-designing or outlining or editing a single page on your website or sending an email inquiry—before all of that comes the very preliminary, very crucial step of determining WHY you need to realize this vision in your lifetime.

Without your WHY, you can spend all the time in the world on the legwork of your Big, “Impossible” Thing...and still not have a sense of clarity (and that essential resolve) when it comes to the big picture.

A WHY flings you out of bed in the morning. A WHY makes those necessary admin tasks a whole lot less of a drag. A WHY opens your eyes to opportunity and paves the way for serendipity.

Though I can’t just hand you any old WHY, I can help you dig around and determine yours. I promise you it’s there inside you—you only need a little assistance to articulate it.

Are you clear on your WHY? Leave a comment below, or email me—I’d love to learn what you’re up to, and WHY it’s so important to you.

What you don't know is waiting for you

Have you given any thought lately to how far you’ve come?

I’ve found that this can be a difficult exercise without photographic proof—so you might want to scroll through your camera roll or wherever you keep your pictures to see what was actually happening this time last year...or the year before...or even five years ago. Pictures tend to really jog our memories in ways that not much else (except maybe for music and smells?) can.

Sure, time goes by fast. There’s no doubt about it. Whether you’re having fun or not, the years that make up adulthood are smaller fractions of your whole existence, so they appear to pass with increasing speed. (Remember how summer stretched out like a lazy cat when you were eight years old?)

But, though it goes fast, so much more happens—we, and our life situations, change in such significant ways—from one year to the next.

So, if you feel stuck right now, if you fear that nothing much changes, or at least not with any real speed, rest assured: In 365 days, you might remember feeling this way (especially if you document it in some way today)...but the feeling itself will be mostly unfamiliar, very likely replaced by a new set of circumstances, challenges, excitements, accomplishments.

And you’ll have done it. You’ll have made that future life for yourself. Crafted it day by day, not knowing exactly how it would unfold, but taking each step forward anyway.

(#tbt to April 22, 2016, moments after we sold our motorhome and before we knew what was next for us. My husband had to help me stuff myself into the passenger seat of our Corolla, and then he drove us east. We had no idea that just two years later, we’d own a sweet little house in Wisconsin, both of us completely self-employed. Big stuff can happen over not big periods of time. Wherever you are in your journey, keep going.)

Your imagination can be used for WORRY or CREATION—which will you use it for?

As a human and as a coach, I stand for using the imagination as a tool for creation, not for worry.

My coaching role model, Steve Chandler, taught me this distinction, and now I see it everywhere.

You can use your imagination to envision the future YOU FEAR—one that’s ripe with worst case scenarios and disappointments, unrecoverable failures and powerlessness—and then live timidly so as to avoid all that could go wrong (because you’ve given that possible bad fate so much of your energy, it’s become all the more frightening; a boogeyman of epic (though entirely self-created!) proportion).

Or, you can use your imagination to envision the future YOU WANT—the joy, the success, the connection, the health, the you-name-it—and then live fully, robustly, and confidently (because you’ve decided that's the future you’ll engender for yourself).

One is PASSIVE (“What’s going to happen to me?!”), while the other is ACTIVE (“What will I make happen for myself?”).

One is a VICTIM mentality, while the other is an OWNER mentality.

If we all truly have the power to create our reality through the thoughts we think and the beliefs we believe (and we do!), then why not use our imaginations to think up some really awesome, really desirable states of affairs for ourselves...instead of using them to fear the worst, as though we’re living life on some kind of dread spectrum, hopeful that things will be slightly less bad than we fear they’ll be.

Where do you need to shift out of a worry mindset and into a creation mindset? Want some help? (It’s easier to do with a buddy.) Comment below or email me, and we can hop on the phone to get you owning the future you want.