Small Steps, Tip #3

What about when everything seems to be going against you?

You lose your job, the weather doesn't cooperate, your buyer backs out at the last minute, the baby wakes up every hour on the hour so you're a zombie come sunrise.

What do you do when you feel as though you’re once again back to square one? How do you figure out your first, smallest possible step? I encourage my clients to ask themselves one simple question: "Given my current situation, what can I reasonably accomplish right now?"

The first key here is the word 'REASONABLY'—and it's often the place where folks require some help (because the kind of person I work with often overloads 'reasonably' until it isn't actually reasonable at all—sound familiar?).

The second key is the time component: RIGHT NOW. It's crucial to take action immediately, when the disappointment or stressor or misfortune is relatively fresh, because that small initiative reinforces the fact that all is not lost, that our agency hasn't gone anywhere, and that forward movement (even itty-bitty micro-movement) is possible even when we’re really tempted to burn it all down and sit in a steaming pile of wallow.

What are some examples of reasonable and immediate small steps you could take when the going gets tough?

Well, it all depends on your situation, of course—but one might be as simple and seemingly innocuous as writing a single email.

Another might be employing the Phone-A-Friend option, to welcome a new perspective.

What about taking ninety seconds to pen a madcap list of all that could possibly come next?

Sometimes a hot shower is the only thing that’ll do.

These options are small. They’re not world-rocking. Probably they won’t even appear to change anything at all.

But each offers you an opportunity for a mindset shift.

And once your mind is right, once you’ve shifted it from “WHY ME?” to “WHO CARES?” you’re back on track to create the outcome you’re after.

Certainly feel your feelings, but don’t let them stop you from going after and getting whatever you want.