Small Steps, Tip #1

As anyone who’s coached with me knows, I’m a major fan of taking small steps in the direction of the thing I’m after.

Small steps keep me from getting overwhelmed by the enormity of my goal and how hard it might be to imagine having actually achieved it.

Also? Progress of any amount just feels really damn good, so why not go for the gradual and consistent approach (and give myself regular hits of dopamine)—rather than going full steam ahead and burning out after a couple days?

When I say ‘small steps,’ I mean SMALL. (Kinda funny to use caps on the word ‘small’.) Like, even half-steps—HELL, QUARTER-STEPS!—count.

Examples of totally valid small steps: googling to find out what city form you need to complete in order to become a farmers’ market vendor; choosing a paint color for the bathroom (even if you don’t plan to paint it today, tomorrow, or this weekend); asking your Facebook friends for a dentist recommendation; finding out which buildings on the main drag are vacant and could be home to your someday, one day small business; pulling the luggage down from the hall closet in preparation for packing for next week’s trip.

It’s nothing complicated or overwrought; there’s really no wrong way to take a first step (however small) toward your objective.

What’s a quarter-step you could take today that’ll get you closer to your Thing?