Risk-taker, mistake-maker

As a human and as a coach, I stand for risk-taking and mistake-making in the name of growth.

Some risks are smaller and some mistakes larger than others—but if we really pay attention, we’ll notice the powerful learning opportunities that all risks and all mistakes provide us with, no exceptions.

For me, cooking is a near-daily risk (albeit a small one), as I’m not super confident in the kitchen.

I can follow any recipe like a good student, but the thought of improvising stirs up (there I go again with the puns) a ton of self-doubt.

At the same time, what I learn about myself from engaging in an activity that intimidates me is HUGE.

It gives me invaluable self-knowledge that can be applied to other, different pursuits. I know more about myself as a wife, a business owner, and a yogi from the simple act of trying new things in the kitchen.

In my coaching work, I help folks lean in to the stuff that feels really edgy for them, the equal-parts-exhilarating-and-terrifying options in their lives, because it’s right there, in taking those risks, that real growth happens.

And what’s so freaking cool is: Growth happens regardless of outcome!

You can make a giant mistake in the process of going after your vision; you can even fail gloriously and fantastically—but you’ve become someone new for having attempted the thing in the first place.

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