Three mindset shifts that might help you realize RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to start

1. You’re guaranteed a RIGHT NOW. You’re existing in it as we speak! You don’t have a LATER or a TOMORROW or a ONE DAY. Nope, not yet. You have a RIGHT NOW, and only a RIGHT NOW.

2. You had a YESTERDAY and a LAST MONTH and a THREE YEARS AGO. And if you didn’t like what you did with them, how you spent those specific periods of time (periods that were, at one point, RIGHT NOWS, but have become things of the past), you can choose differently today. You can create the RIGHT NOW that YESTERDAY wasn't.

3. If—and I really mean if—you’re going to be gifted with a LATER, a TOMORROW, a ONE DAY (lucky duck, not everyone gets those), don’t you want to be at least a little bit past the first step by then? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be someplace beyond the starting line, when and if you get more than a RIGHT NOW? Doesn’t that simultaneously honor the RIGHT NOW and the potential, not-yet-promised TOMORROW?

Which one of the above turned on a little lightbulb over your head? Tell me in the comments.