Reacting vs. creating: a client story

She came to me wanting to feel good about how she used her time on this earth. She was craving the reassurance that she was spending it wisely—but she had a skewed idea of what ‘wisely’ meant. And she didn’t know it at the time, but she was seeking permission to adjust her definition.

Her actions told me she believed ‘wisely’ demanded breakneck productivity during all waking hours; an inhuman amount of creative focus; and regular recognition for her work, in the form of clients and opportunities, accolades and income.

This unrelenting pressure she put on herself often wore her down. Thoroughly exhausted her. Drained her reserves of energy and motivation until there was nothing left. At which point, she required even more rest than she would’ve needed had she built it into her days from the get-go. This inspired guilt and endless self-flagellation. It also made her want to numb out with bad TV and naps.

She perceived the fleetingness of time in the way we all do—only she was REACTING to it (by letting it scare the stuffing out of her and then inspire a frantic scramble to do All The Things, right now...something she absolutely couldn’t sustain) instead of CREATING with it (by leveraging the present moment, the only thing any of us has to work with, while also honoring her humanity).

She was driving herself so hard to get results in what she deemed a timely fashion that she drove right past the destination she desired and into burnout. And numbing out. And generally feeling as though she was on the world’s shittiest merry-go-round: fighting time...and herself in the process.

When our work together was complete, she told me the guilt was gone; she knew she needed to keep building those breaks into her days. She wasn’t a robot, so she couldn’t attempt to operate like one. Certainly not if she wanted to create real ease and success for herself in her time here on earth.

Are you ready to reconsider how you use your time AND find a sustainable and rewarding way to create what you want with the time you have here? Reaching out is the first step. Leave a comment below to continue the conversation.