How to turn a session with me into...three

SO MUCH of my transformative small-steps work with clients happens between our coaching sessions.

Between them?!

Yup. The biggest shifts occur within the client when she’s out there on her own, incorporating what we’ve talked about, experimenting with the challenges I’ve given her, and updating me via email.

It’s an awesome thing to witness, because SHE HAD IT IN HER THE WHOLE TIME. I just brought it out of her and then reflected it back so she could see it for herself.

One client summed it up perfectly: “The most helpful part of working with you was the ability to email you updates on the status of my [Big, “Impossible” Thing] and receive very thoughtful and in-depth responses from you that helped me understand my next step. Those emails were so valuable to me, I always felt like you gave me your very best and also that you were 100% cheering me on. I felt relieved when I wrote and sent you the emails. I felt inspired and encouraged when I received your responses. You helped me to see things differently and more authentically.”

I don’t leave anyone out in the cold during this work. It’s a supportive, co-created process, and I keep close tabs on your small steps because I want to keep showing you that you’re Making It Happen. If you take it slow and steady, I know you can do anything you want to do.

Have you thought about investing in a 90-minute session with me—but you’re not sure how far those 90 minutes will really get you?

You might find that 90 minutes, split into three 30-minute laser calls, is spot-on—as it was for my client. She showed up to our calls, did the work I gave her, and as a result: “The follow up emails are really where I stretched and applied your guidance.”

She also said this, which might resonate with you: “I have no doubt that a 90-minute session would be magical, but I preferred having a few sessions spread out so that I continued working with you as things began to shift.”

If you’re on a tight budget, consider three mini sessions. Email me with what you want to achieve, and we’ll break it down into three micro steps—which you can then take with 90 minutes of my support.