When today isn't THE day

You don't have to change your mindset today.

You don't have to observe your thoughts and let them pass through you without getting hooked by a single one today.

You don't have to dismantle your bad habit today.

You don't have to figure out how to stay motivated today.

You don't have to turn your attitude around today.

As much as today can be The Day (and for some, it will be—because they've decided there's no better day), today doesn't have to be anything more than a day. Another day.

You have permission to let today go. Not to leverage. Not to salvage. Not to do, fix, question, shift, eradicate, or leap.

You have permission to lie on the couch with tea and a heating bag instead of doing your special prenatal HIIT workout (speaking for myself, here). To soak in the bath instead of working on the website for your side business. To scroll mindlessly through Instagram instead of picking up Jen Sincero's latest Badass book.

A life—yours and mine—is made up of a lot of todays. (If we’re lucky, it’s a whole lot of todays.)

The choices we make accumulate…


...there are infinite opportunities to renegotiate and course-correct.

Today is a wonderful day to move in the direction of what you want…


...today is a wonderful day to simply exist.

While you're perfectly capable of making today transformational, that doesn't mean you have to.

(Be aware, though, of the fallacies that might be at work in your mind; do a gut check to see if your reason for writing off today is part of a bigger pattern of waiting and not doing. And if it is, let's talk.)

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