"I struggle least with time when..."

This week, I’m curious to find out what’s easy for you, when it comes to time…

To get the conversation started, I’ll tell you some of my fill-in-the-blank answers.

I struggle least with time when...

  • I plan backwards from the time I need to be somewhere, and

  • I round up in considering how long each activity will take.

  • I bookmark possible distractions for later instead of reacting in-the-moment to every interesting thing I encounter.

  • I’m truly present to the task at hand, immersing myself completely in what’s right in front of me.

  • I consider how I want to feel as I arrive at each appointment or commitment (not frantic and frazzled, I’ll tell you that much!), and use that as my guidepost for how I spend the time I have.

What about you? Tell me about your time successes in the comments, or email me if you prefer a little privacy.