Are you a hurdler, too?

You don’t want to take small step after small step; you want to leap from here to there, smoke rolling off your heels, growing pains averted, accomplishment shining like a trophy on your shelf.

You’re not saying you want it to be easy (well, not really)...but you do want ease. And speed, come to think of it. Is anyone taking notes here?

Small steps feel piddly to you—amateurish, low level, for people who aren’t as motivated and sharp and quick-witted as you are.

But whenever you go big, you wind up going home. The leaping isn’t working for you. It’s landing you not quite in Burnout, but somewhere between Losing Steam and Shiny Object Syndrome. You get distracted (somehow, by your own self). Something else looks more interesting. Easier. Higher rewards for less legwork.

Rinse and repeat.

Many of the women who come to work with me are hurdlers. They think fast, so they want to do fast. Slow feels impossible. Small feels inefficient, maybe even like it doesn’t count. By the time we’ve completed three months of coaching together, they’ve transformed into tightrope walkers; they operate deliberately, with precision, focus, and a plan. From experience, they know that small steps are the only sustainable way forward. They’ve changed the relationship they have with themselves into one of trust and steadiness. There's no rush; they’re working on today and not getting ahead of themselves.

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