Which came first: the feeling or the action?

As a human and as a coach, I stand for FEELING AS A BYPRODUCT OF ACTION.

So many of us (myself included) have, at one point of another, fooled ourselves into thinking we must feel a certain way before we take action; we’ve made FEELING the prerequisite for DOING.

Since becoming a coach, I’ve come to see and believe that all of us are capable of DOING—regardless of our motivation, readiness, or energy.

I’ll admit there have been times I’ve definitely said (and believed! That’s the trickiest part!) something along the lines of: “I don’t feel motivated to do X,” “I’m not ready to do X,” or “I just don’t have the energy to do X right now.”

Over the years, I’ve recognized this very same tendency in my clients. We've used these beliefs as reasons for why we’re not taking action to achieve the things we say we want to achieve. The yoga practice we want to start, the catering business we want to bring to life, the half-digitized family photo album we envision passing along to the next generation. We’ve become so familiar with these excuses that we don’t question whether or not they hold water.

We’ve accepted them as reasonable beliefs—hell, maybe we’ve even promoted them to facts—for why forward movement in the direction of our dreams isn’t possible right now.

We’ve conditioned ourselves to be more than okay with putting off our deepest desires, our wouldn’t-it-be-awesome-ifs, until some elusive (and not even promised to us) future date.

At which point...what exactly? We believe the stars will align, all systems go, and our dreams will emerge from us effortlessly and unconditionally?

Oy. That sounds like a direct path to having deathbed regrets.

And if there’s one thing my work is in fierce opposition to, it’s deathbed regrets. They’re just not necessary. We’re all too powerful and capable to live our whole lives wishing for more and to die feeling disappointed.

I’m here to help you identify those screwy beliefs that are keeping you static and holding your dreams always at arm’s length.

I’m also here to tell you: Don’t wait for the right feelings to show up before you take your first step; take your first step and then see what feelings show up.