Even if the neighbors with the perfect lawn are whispering about you...

I spent all day Sunday out in the yard, cutting back dead things from last year and finding layers of crunchy leaves under hedges and in the nooks between tree roots.

It felt good to move my body in the sun. It felt good to do something physical after a long winter of minimal activity.

Before it becomes a simple matter of lightweight maintenance, our yard will require a whole lot more elbow grease—but there's something about the unglamorous work of getting everything up to speed that I love. The progress is so...visible, it's a hefty dose of instant gratification when it's most needed: on the front end.

You might feel as though you're in the weeds (see what I did there?) when it comes to your self-development; maybe you're in the thick of some seriously gnarly change at the moment, and maybe you're longing for a future in which the daily won't feel like so much of a struggle for you. You're filling yard waste bag after yard waste bag with last year's leaves and felled branches, and you haven't even gotten to the weeding yet, not to mention the out-of-control yews on the property line. You're pretty sure the neighbors with the perfect lawn are whispering about you.

Alternately, you might be in lightweight maintenance mode; maybe your therapy appointments and group coaching challenge you just enough—but on the whole, you feel like you've hit your stride and don't have to work too hard right now to be who you want to be. You're simply repositioning your potted plants on the porch so they get more light and maybe considering novel ways to stake this summer's tomatoes against the house. Weeds? What weeds? You don't even give them a single minute to rear their heads before you're All Over That Shit. The neighbors' lawn's got nothing on you.

Either way, I salute you. Being a human isn't easy. Having a human brain isn't easy. Engaging in human relationships isn't easy.

And yet, you're doing it. You're journeying with the rest of us, despite the difficulty.

Keep going.

If you could use a hand with your heavy-duty or lightweight work, a conversation with me will help. I've witnessed this again and again. The sweet spot is 90 minutes, which is why my single sessions run that long. You don't need to do anything but bring your whole self to the call (i.e. be willing to share, don't hide anything or hold anything back, stay open to the possibility of transformation, trust that I'll hold your heart with care, prepare to be amazed).

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