Creative Problem-Solving

As a human and as a coach, I stand for creative problem-solving.

In my day-to-day life, this might look like slapping some craft paint (all kinds of greens and blues, if you were curious) on a whole pile of black picture frames I bought years ago when I was Serious About Uniformly-Framed Art On My Apartment Gallery Wall.

In my coaching work, this often looks like reframing (ha, see what I did there?) the situation to inspire rather than deflate.

Sometimes that means my client and I make a game out of the ultimate objective—who doesn’t love games?—or we come up with little mental if/then autopilot maneuvers to try out when the going gets tough.

The upshot in both cases is FUN; when we bring fun into the equation, problems become opportunities for playful experimentation.

And experimentation is always where we find our best solutions.

I now offer single sessions (goodbye, expensive packages!), so if you’d like a little creative assistance with your problem, let’s talk about how I can help you.