book watercolor by Helen McLaughlin

Wondering what we're doing here? This explains it, but for the tl;dr crowd (don't worry, I got you):

Beginning February 1st, I’m writing a daily report here, one that documents my progress toward a long-imagined—but not yet executed—dream of creating a small book on wonder (of which I've already written a good portion of the content). I’m committing to showing up to do the work for an hour every day, every single day of the month, and I’m committing to full transparency with you about how that creative hour is spent, for better or for worse. Let's dive in.



Happy, relaxed

Sleep Rating



Waning Gibbous



What I did

Semi-distracted editing (I'd blame it on the Super Bowl, but anyone who knows me won't buy it) with occasional internet browsing (caught me red-handed). Really, what I'm confronting tonight is an inability to conceive of what this collection of writing ultimately wants to be. I hinted at this yesterday. I'm asking myself, What would Keri Smith do? And what about Amy Krouse Rosenthal? (I began reading An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life earlier today, so AKR's really, really on my mind.) I'm also thinking about all the magical books I own that, in one way or another, inspired me when I was first eking away at this project. Does it want to be a book? A wonder manual of sorts? Does it want to be released as a self-published serial? Is it actually a course I want to lead likeminded folks through? So many questions. As I ponder them, I find myself tinkering with small potatoes line edits...and realizing I need to take a broader approach. I need tomorrow's work to be off the screen. In addition to conducting some research, I'd like to engage in a little reverse process brainstorming: What happens if, having already written the bulk of this thing, I now outline it? What happens if I go backwards?

Time spent

6:02 p.m.—7:04 p.m. CST


What I learned today (in haiku form):

Football announcers / drone on and on. Thank god for / Mozart and ear buds.