Chronic starters and reluctant finishers: There's still hope for you!

Okay, so you've figured out that you're a chronic starter/reluctant finisher... But what do you do about it? Three ideas:

1. Take a quick inventory of all the pursuits you've started, but never finished. Do they have anything in common? Do they tend to be, say, craft projects? Product ideas for your business? Do you have a habit of beginning to organize a room, but then abandoning it before you're even halfway through? Look for patterns in your unfinished stuff & use your new awareness of those patterns as a guide going forward. (You might decide you're no longer permitting yourself to buy more fabric—at least not until you use what you have to finish what you've started.) Even if the finishing part is difficult for you, you can decide to temporarily quit starting.

2. Marie Kondo's gotten us all to think about what personal belongings spark joy, but what about the unfinished items on our to-do lists? Determine which ones stir up a feeling of dread and which ones still bring you a little thrill—then, LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK when it comes to finishing what's no longer serving (or sparking joy for) you. Just because we start something doesn't mean we have to finish it. There are all kinds of reasons why we abandon this stuff; sometimes we're distracted or not fully committed, but other times, we're just not digging it all that much. That's okay. Not everything deserves a piece of our limited time on this earth. Decide once and for all to ditch what isn't doing it for you anymore. (But really DITCH it; donate the materials to your local community center, sell the fabric on eBay, ask your friends if they want all your beading supplies. Set the physical stuff—and yourself—free.

3. Nothing means anything until we assign it meaning. So, stop attaching meaning to the fact that you happen to leave a lot unfinished. It's a tendency of yours, is all—and a value judgment from your inner critic probably isn't the thing that's going to inspire transformation. Get neutral about it, and then we can work on shifting it to a behavior that better serves you.

Am I reading your mind? Awesome. I'm betting I can help you. Leave a comment below (or email me) and we’ll get something on the calendar.