You might be a chronic starter/reluctant finisher if...

  • you seem to always move the same few items from one week’s to-do list to the next week’s.
  • your life feels like a compilation of unfinished projects—a laundry basket of curtains needing hemming and shirts needing replacement buttons sewed on, a dusty stack of photos that are only half-digitized, a box of thank-you notes to be written, a closet to be culled and clothing to be donated.
  • even on a good day, you never actually feel ‘caught up’ because you know you haven't completed a whole slew of things you started long ago.
  • you have ideas—and you enter into them with gusto; taking those initial actions isn’t usually your problem when you’re excited about something. But somewhere along the way, your relationship with the project fizzles or is hijacked by something or someone else; you get distracted or hit a roadblock and the project falls by the wayside. Only, it isn’t a clean break; you’re thinking about it and your energy is tied to it, still... So you wind up with this albatross of unfinished business around your neck.
  • you say you’re ‘procrastinating,’ but you haven’t even set up a date by which you’ll finish the thing, so you’re not procrastinating so much as you’re just not doing it.
  • the half-done things you need to complete might be:
    • creative projects (your novel, that quilt you started, that tunic that’s still just a stack of pattern pieces, a partially knit sweater);
    • organization projects (photos and old home videos of your grandparents that need digitizing, a recipe box that needs sorting and filing);
    • home improvement/renovation projects (hemming those too-long curtains and getting them hung again, painting the half-bath, hanging the gallery wall in the living room);
    • ongoing ‘life’ projects (scheduling everyone’s annual doctor/dentist appointments, writing the overdue thank-you notes);
    • self-study projects (Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons, anyone?), etc.

Does some of this sound familiar? Take heart: I promise you finishing is a muscle that EVERYONE is capable of strengthening. And I can help. Leave a comment below, or shoot me an email, and let's chat.