Your Big, "Impossible" Thing vs. your day job

You’re struggling to really sink into your project, because you’ve got responsibilities that prevent you from hanging out in that sweet headspace where the magic happens.

You get home from the day job, and by the time dinner and dishes are through, maybe a load of laundry, you’ve got an hour or so before you need to get to bed...just to start it all over again tomorrow.

You want to know how you’re supposed to build your Impossible Thing (no air quotes this time, because some part of you really believes it’s a lost cause) when you can barely find the time to get into it, let alone get lost in it.

A measly hour before bed isn’t enough; it just doesn’t feel even remotely worthwhile, and yet, you’re watching as week after week slips by like this and your dream reliably stays out of reach.

You watch the inspirational videos and walk away with the message that maybe you don’t need nearly as much sleep as you think you do (uh, no thanks, Gary V), and that if you were really and truly committed, you’d do ANYTHING to make this dream a reality.

So: Do you scale back to part-time work so that you can swap some money for some time? Do you put half as much effort into your job and squirrel away energy for your Thing? Do you start saving up bits and pieces of your salary so you can buy yourself a job sabbatical?

Hold up. Your first step is to consider all your options so you know what you’re working with.

Guess what? That’s my wheelhouse. I’m an expert excavator and deep-desire archaeologist. I notice the details and nuances that many others overlook or flat-out miss. I ask really good questions because I’m curious and because I’m not one for small talk. And I’m highly skilled at taking what we discover together and helping you determine your next right step—especially if you’re someone who knows she wants a future that’s different from her present, but has no earthly idea where to start. I can help you move from analysis paralysis to a small steps plan that makes sense for you and gets you closer to your Thing.

Ready to consider your options—with me by your side, of course? Leave a comment ("Help needed!” will do just fine) with your best email address and I’ll take it from there.