Always putting off appointment-making?

Are you avoiding your doctor and dentist like the plague?

(Even as they're the ones who can help you avoid the actual plague?)

I know, I know—you're not doing it because you don't care about your and your family's health and well-being; it's just surprisingly difficult to make the time, consistently, to schedule appointments with All The People, for All Your People.

Too, we tend to overestimate how long it takes to complete this ticky-tacky stuff.

If you were to time yourself, you'd see that making a dentist appointment truly takes all of five minutes. It just feels like it'll take the better part of a day when you avoid it for months on end...and it grows extra limbs and then reproduces in your mind.

So, here's what I've taken to doing:

I'm knocking out my doctor/dentist/gynecologist/dermatologist appointments all at once.

Using one of the productivity hours during our free, monthly Get It Done Day co-working event (to be honest, it takes me far less than the full hour—which means I've got built-in daydream/chill-out time to reward myself with), I can get all my sticky note reminders crumpled up and into the trash—and be done with it.

If you suspect some group accountability would give you that extra push of motivation, join us! For a group of strangers, we're surprisingly invested in your getting your tasks off your list before the end of our day together (we even use a shared spreadsheet to keep track). And we cheer for each other in a heartfelt way.

Want to make your own event of it? Super! Go ahead and invite some friends over for an in-person Get It Done Day. (I don't own this idea!) You could incentivize yourselves with fancy coffee creamer and breaks on the front porch!

If you're not even remotely motivated by group stuff and/or if the timing of a group event is impossible because of your work schedule, find a way to entice yourself. Pick a day to ditch the office break room and your usual brown bag lunch, and instead, mosey down to the gourmet deli. In-between bites of a sandwich someone else made for you (they always taste better, don't they?), work your phone and "Must Call" list like nobody’s business. In less than an hour, you’ll have those appointments off your to-do list and on your calendar.

It doesn't have to be so hard! (In fact, it isn't all that hard; it's just not particularly fun. And Get It Done Day can help you there.)