What's August for?

This week, I'm popping in with a quick note to share with you an insight I had yesterday:

What if August isn't for doing more, for scrambling around to fit in one last thing before summer's over...but is, instead, for reaping what we've already sown, for enjoying the results of all the work we've already put in?

What if August is the collection month, the good-on-you month, the pre-harvest harvest?

What if August is for allowing the data to stream in and inform what comes next?

What if August is all bounty and no labor?

What if August is effortless effort?

As if to confirm my hunch, several bits and pieces on this very topic have been landing on my radar since last week. Signs abound.


Soon the harvest will begin here in earnest. There will be beans and tomatoes to can, grapes to steam for juice and jelly. There will be carrots and potatoes to dig, and then a garden to put to bed for the winter. I like the idea of pausing now, of a deep slow breath before the chaos of summer’s bounty fully arrives. Time to think, reflect, be thankful, anticipate.

—from Brenna Layne's "Lughnasadh Thoughts"


This is it. 
It’s not perfect. 
It’s ever-changing. 
There are highs and lows.
But THIS is how it is.

—from Andrea Scher's "This is how it turned out"


Hitting that peak of summer that’ll soon roll into September, already the nights are coming in sooner. Watering after dinner starts at dusk and somehow it's dark within the hour.

Last light comes from the flowers. What was a field full of wild colours two weeks ago has settled back into to the steady orange of marigolds, California poppies and the awkward family lineup of sunflowers. Despite the erratic irrigating, blunt pruning, blind training and lack of weeding...the seeds sown in March just keep on stretching...rambling...despite my best efforts to ignore half of it.

It feels like it’s been a full season already, don’t honestly think I’m even halfway through yet. The weather has been so out of whack that I couldn’t guess when the corn will be ready, when the big tomatoes are going to ripen, or if there will be a November frost to sweeten up the pumpkins. So I’ve given up on making many plans or taking a lot advice lately, everyone’s stabbing in the dark anyway, myself included. It’s gut instincts or bust now, best laid plans were fine for keeping me occupied in winter but it’s all out of the window now...brakes are off again, let's just see where the rest of summer takes us. Fairly sure the plants have got it covered.

—from Meg Lobb's @girlfridays_notes Instagram feed


The sometimes push-pull energy of August doesn't have to result in pushing or pulling.

Flow is always an option.

If you're picking up on the conflicting energy of this month, consider approaching your days as opportunities to reap what's already there—to benefit from the seeds you planted in early spring when the ground had just softened, the earned abundance that's finally coming into its own right now.

The season will change again, and soon (I've already spotted a few bright red leaves in our neighborhood!)—and with it, the natural rhythm of your actions.

You've got nothing to worry about and nothing to force.