A new way to approach your unfinished project

There are some projects you’ve left unfinished because they no longer appeal to you.

Part of you still feels bound to them because you’re not a quitter, and you equate quitting with a personal failure to follow through.

Here’s something I want to give to you today: PERMISSION.

Go ahead and quit the thing or things you’re no longer interested in; I promise you it doesn’t have to mean anything about your character if you don’t want it to. This is something you get to decide.

But what about those other unfinished projects that still appeal to you, but also scare you on some level?

What happens if, for example, the book you began writing years ago doesn’t wind up being quite as amazing as you’d hoped? You don’t get an agent; the manuscript goes nowhere. Your dreams are dashed. Life as you know it is over because you’re now a failed writer. (Or so you believe.)

What if it winds up being so successful, and you can’t handle the exposure that comes with that? You lose your anonymity; suddenly, you feel pressured to produce more writing—and on a timeline—in a way that spoils the joy you once felt about your craft. You’re now an unhappy—albeit published—writer. The reality of the thing you thought you wanted isn’t so hot after all. Bummer.

Finishing writing the book feels high-stakes either way. And not finishing it feels like a safe way to keep your control over the whole enterprise. In your mind, why give the power away when you can keep it for yourself and not risk anything?

To leave something unfinished then is to stop it from advancing to the next step (especially a next step that might leave you feeling powerless). As long as your project stays in unfinished limbo, nothing bad can happen.

But, tell me: What if finishing your project is less about the project itself and more about who you need to become in the process of completing it? What if that’s what you’re depriving yourself of when you shove it into a desk drawer? What if you’re keeping yourself from experiencing a necessary personal evolution?

Drop a comment below if you want some accountability around seeing your project alllll the way through to completion. I got you.