So, you want to be action oriented?

And not necessarily across-the-board, all-areas-of-life action oriented. (Because you're discerning—not lazy—and because life is short.)


You know, for example, that achieving Inbox Zero doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things; it gives you a false and fleeting sense of accomplishment. It's busy work. Not what you want to be known for. Not what you want engraved on your tombstone.

book watercolor by Helen McLaughlin

Time really is the most precious resource any of us have, and it's non-renewable. You know this. You think about this often.

So, you want to be action oriented when it comes to the important stuff. You have a big, long-term goal (or a series of short-term goals you'd like to achieve) that will require of you a seemingly ungodly amount of commitment and determination and grit. You want to make progress on your meaningful work, because that's how you stay engaged—in the day to day, sure, but more importantly, over the course of your life.

To be action oriented, then, is to be awake to the fleeting nature of time, to appreciate that you've been put here to experience life—and, in the process, to create something only you can create.

If this is you, I'd like to invite you to join a special group of people.

Who and what is this special group of people?

Action Oriented is an accountability mastermind for folks who understand the power of commitment and of taking small steps.

All members have one thing in common: a dream, an ambition, a vision of some sort that they feel compelled to create in their lifetime—despite the fact that they don’t necessarily know how to create it. As you've likely already read over here, I call this their Big, “Impossible” Thing (or BIT, for short).

Big, because it's ever-present. For years, it's hovered somewhere in their periphery as the Someday Thing, and while they haven't yet given it their full attention, never realizing it would be painful beyond measure.

"Impossible" (air quotes are crucial here), because even though they don't necessarily have a clue as to how they’ll make it happen, they haven't let it go.

So, are all the members already action-oriented ninjas?

Nope. Not at all. Some want to become more action-oriented, others want to continue to be action-oriented. The important piece here is that all have made the commitment to themselves to keep taking steps in the direction of their dreams. In other words, all have their eyes trained on something, and they want the help of a coach and a community in reaching it.

What if I don't have a BIT (or if I seem to have several)? Is this still for me?

Listen, if you're ready to commit to realizing your Thing—be it big or small, singular or plural—and you suspect some accountability, group camaraderie, and coaching support will help you in this pursuit, then there's a place for you in Action Oriented. We'd be thrilled to have you.

What kind of support can I expect to receive?

Some members might find that they need help refining the specifics of their BIT; it's astonishingly difficult to realize a vision when we aren't absolutely clear about what it is we want from that vision. Others might need help setting up a realistic and doable timeframe for its achievement. Still, others might feel more inclined to tackle a series of SITs (Small, "Impossible" Things) than a single BIT, in which case they might want help defining a through-line—some overarching theme that gives cohesion to their individual quests.

What does membership include?

  • daily support, feedback, encouragement, coaching, and celebration, here in the FB group; essentially, this means you'll have a coach and a community on-call as you navigate the steps (and half-steps!) toward your Thing
  • weekly group laser coaching in the form of live-chat office hours here in the FB group every Thursday (from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. CDT some weeks, and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. CDT on alternating weeks)
  • a monthly group video conference call (up to 90 minutes) for live coaching/progress reports/check-ins; I want you to achieve your Thing (in other words, I'm absolutely invested in your success), so I'll want you to feel supported in the journey of making it happen

What's the cost of membership? (And why do you charge for this?)

There's a small, monthly membership fee of $5 USD, which serves as a commitment filter. As you can tell from the price, this isn't about my taking oodles of your money; this is about your investing something in yourself and the realization of your Thing. People tend to devote themselves emotionally and mentally when they also happen to be devoting themselves physically with their cash. To request membership (you'll be prompted to provide your email address, so that I can invoice you), click the button below.